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Vaquita Porpoise the smiling porpoise


Vaquita’s are the smallest and most critically endangered porpoises at this time. Many whale and ocean life groups estimate that less than 100 of the Vaquitas may still be alive. Native to the Sea of Cortez in the upper part of the Gulf of California-this porpoise is threatened by fishing nets. The species has a small habitat and few enemies except for human made gillnets. Gillnet use is illegal but is not strickly enforced by the Mexican Government.

This small porpoise, with the seemingly smiling face, measures around five feet long. They live in shallow lagoons. vaquita**


To find out more about these little porpoises check out these websites:


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Buy dirt and seeds! Get busy making your life better!

Find a flower bed, round up a large flower pot, get a windowbox, hang some planters or plow a field-but MAKE A GARDEN. It possibly could make you healthy, wealthy and wise!

Learn about what it takes for seeds to grow. Study about the various types of heirloom plants. Learn about the effects of big agribusiness on seed saving. Think on the effects of GMO plants on wildlife (like bees, frogs and humans). Contemplate the food you will eat from the plants you raised. Freeze or can some of your home grown food to eat later.

Having a garden and growing your own food to eat is wise for all people. It puts you closer to your food and gets you thinking about food quality, food supply and human imput on food. ENJOY the sense of accomplishment!

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Chasing Frogs

Do some frogs have antibacterial qualities? Russian scientists decided to find out. They conducted  a study on the Russian Brown Frog, Yes, scientists do the think the frogs may in some way contribute to food not spoiling.

Another study on frogs and their importance to humans!  Who knew they could possibly have antibiotic qualities. Just a reminder to all of us about how we are all connected here on mother earth. The absence of frogs is very telling about an environment. The lack of frogs, for a wild life area, does not bode well for its health. If the environment isn’t good for frogs eventually it will not be good for humans.

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Gardens are universal


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Save the Frogs! Contest open to everyone (and helps get the word out)

Found this great contest that is open to EVERYONE!!!
The contest is a good thing- it raises awareness of the importance of a small animal, in nature, that could foretell the affects of environmental pollutants on humans. (There is also small monetary awards!)
The website tells all the info-GO TO IT!!! Lots of info not usually found.
Besides..The FROGS…They’re cute creatures!!!

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Now Showing King Corn

Now on PBS. This documentary, made by two fresh from college graduates, tells the story of mass corn production here in the US. Released in 2007, the story line follows the two graduates on a journey to grow an acre of corn of their own, and then follow it through food production channels until it reaches consumers.

What makes this documentary worth mentioning is historical information provided on corn and the telling of the story of monster corn we have all bought into today. Mass corn production, from how it came to be such a large industry to the end result of corn syrup being used in millions of food products is told in this film.

Farm subsidies, genetically tasteless corn, health effects and pesticides are all here set against a backdrop of the tale of the filmmakers genealogy. The genealogy adds the element of a vested interest in corn production from the filmmakers. Knowing the way corn is farmed, processed and marketed is very important for healthwise consumers. Definitely a tale worth telling, and seeing!

PBS has a alot of info on their website right now about the movie. Here is the link:

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What we do to the earth, we do to ourselves.
-Anonymous Quote

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Consuming our future

A popular game show has a line-“Is that your final answer”? That sound bite definitely describes our situation for our

Here in the US and in the most of western world we are know as a society of consumers.
People and governments (big and small) have ignored environmental concerns.
Daily we consume and consume some more-never thinking ahead to the future.

The BIG question is: When is enough, just enough? We never ask ourselves that question. Future generations will,however,have
plenty of questions for us.

Questions they may ask when they learn about the “way” the earth was and what happened to it, may include:

“How did the plastic chemicals, fertilizer chemicals, and pesticide chemicals how did they feminize our environment?
Final answer: We used too many of them, ignorantly, until they saturated our environment and bodies.

“How did Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCP’s) change, affect or not affect peoples health?”
Final answer: We over perscribed, overused and sought a quick “pill” answer to most of our health concerns.

“How was the ozone depleted and the seasons skewed?”
Final answer: We had too many emissions from industry and vehicles. We did too much deforestation to our native woodlands.

What will our answer be when we are talking to our grandchildren and great grandchildren?
Ultimately, our answer will be for so many things..FINAL ANSWER… WE CONSUMED…WE CONSUMED TOO MUCH….WE USED ALL WE

They will ask how the world got so messed up?
And our final answer will ultimately be….WE CONSUMED!

When will our final answer be “Enough is enough”? When will we decide and make efforts to live frugally, economically, and
wisely for our own, our children’s and our grandchildren’s future?

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Reuse, Recycle, and Live simply

-It makes sense and a future for generations to come.

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